Representative body for credit cooperatives in Estonia

The purpose of the Estonian Union of Credit Cooperatives is to strengthen cooperation among credit cooperatives
and to represent their interests in their dealings with domestic and European Union institutions.

Estonian Union of Credit Cooperatives


Estonian Union of Credit Cooperatives (Union of Estonian Savings and Loan Associations) is a representative body of credit cooperatives (savings and loan associations) in the Republic of Estonia.

The aim of the union is to further the credit cooperatives and to represent their interests in nternal institutions as well as those of the European Union and in rest of the world. 

The functions of the union include maintaining the good reputation of CC’s and ensuring reliability. As a result, only a CC that in their previous operation has proven to be trustworthy to

its members and following precisely the by-laws of the EUCC can become a member of the union. The union arranges training for its members and keeps them informed about legislative amendments that concern CC’s. 

What is Estonian Union of Credit Cooperatives

A Cooperative Financial Institution

Credit Cooperatives are cooperative financial institutions, whose objective is to provide their members with contemporary financial services.

In the members’ interests

The purpose of a credit cooperative’s business is to offer its members financial services at the most favourable rates possible. In that regard, a credit cooperative differs from a commercial bank, whose objective is to make as big a profit as possible.

Transparent structure

At the general meeting, members elect the credit cooperative’s supervisory board, who in turn appoints members of the management board. Each member the credit cooperative has one vote. The management board presents an overview of the economic activities of the credit cooperative to the members at the general meeting.

Contemporary services

As the name itself suggests, the principal services provided by a credit cooperative are depositing and loaning. More and more credit cooperatives expand their range of services by offering lease and factoring transactions and issuing guarantees. In some credit cooperatives, the use of internet bank is made available.

Owned by members

Each member/client of a credit cooperative is also part-owner of the credit cooperative. Simply put, a credit cooperative is a bank owned by its members, where the everyday business operations are performed by a management board nomitated by a supervisory board. Members have the right to a share of the credit cooperative’s profit.

Domestic capital

Credit cooperatives are based on domestic capital. They aid in promoting living and carrying on businesses also outside the capital. Cooperative financial services help ensure the economic and social situation of people and small businesses both in country areas and towns.

Estonian Union of Credit Cooperatives

Leie Hoiu-laenuühistu - Viljandimaa

Address Leie, Kolga-Jaani, Viljandimaa
Tel 433 3008 / 505 2587
info@ /

Kehtna Credit Cooperative – Raplamaa

Address Pargi 3, Kehtna, Raplamaa
Tel 487 5245 /

Kambja Credit Cooperative – Tartumaa

AddressKesk 2, Kambja, Tartumaa
Tel 741 6237 / 5340 4980 /

Rural Promotion Credit Cooperative – Järvamaa ja Virumaa


Järva-Jaani – Kase 1, Järva-Jaani, 73301 Järvamaa, phone 386 3409 / 504 6823

Koeru – Paide tee 5, 73001 Koeru, Järvamaa
phone 385 4135

Põltsamaa – Tartu mnt. 1a, 48105 Põltsamaa, Jõgevamaa, phone 5300 7279

Tallinn – Tartu mnt. 25, 9.korrus, 10117 Tallinn, phone 520 0060, /

Pärnu – Riia mnt 106, 80042 Pärnu

Saaremaa Credit Cooperative– Saaremaa

Address Tallinna tn 27, Kuressaare
Tel 453 3132 /

Põlvamaa Credit Cooperative – Põlvamaa

Address Kesk 12, Põlva
Tel 799 3186, 504 6750 /

Tartu Credit Cooperative – kogu Eesti

AddressRaekoja plats 20, Tartu / Pärnu mnt 326, Tallinn
Tel 740 7132 / www.ü


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