Union of Credit Cooperatives

Estonian Union of Credit Cooperatives (EUCC) is a representative body for credit cooperatives in Estonia, currently comprising eight credit cooperatives from all over Estonia. The purpose of the EUCC is to strengthen cooperation among credit cooperatives and to represent their interests in their dealings with domestic and European Union institutions. Also among the EUCC’s tasks are maintaining the good reputation of credit

cooperatives and guaranteeing their credibility. For that reason, membership in the EUCC is available only for those credit cooperatives that have proven – to both the EUCC and the general public – to be trustworthy. EUCC organises training courses for its members and keeps them up to date with legislative practices and changes concerning credit cooperatives.

The board

The board of the EUCC has four members. All board members are affiliated with different Estonian CC’s. 

SA Hoiuste Tagamise Fond

Chairman Pr. Maria Peldes


tel: 504 6823

Created: 31.05.2001

Creator: Estonian Union of Credit Cooperatives

Register code: 90006354

Address: Kase 1, Järva-Jaani

73301 Järvamaa

Members of the baoard:

Helle Virt (chairman)

Linda Sossi

Heili Kaljuste

Lea Toompuu